Questi Giorni


Production: 11 MARZO FILM s.r.l.; PUBLISPEI s.r.l., Rai Cinema,  Rome Italy 
Service Production: Clockwork film production
Director: Giuseppe Piccioni
Stars: Margherita Buy, Maria Roveran, Marta Gastini, Caterina Le Caselle, Laura Adriani, Filippo Timi


Synopsis: These Days (Questi Giorni) is the story of a group of college-aged girls from the Italian countryside, the age at which decisions about the future are pressing and difficult to postpone. Even though they are still living under a kind of spell where the future, among all the difficulties of these years, still seems to be full of promises.


The illusion of eternity, which hides the ambushes of the years to come, is threatened when Caterina, the self-sufficient, untrusting and touchy friend, declares that she is leaving for Belgrade.


There Mina, a girl Caterina met in the summertime, the season of vacations and with whom she exchanged messages from afar, a new job and a new beginning await her.


Her other friends, one by one, decide to go with her to Belgrade to make the separation less painful, as if to dispel all that this journey brings with it; the idea of something definitive, a point of no return, an irreconcilable rift in the uncertain balance of the daily life of the group.